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The Canadian Italian Business & Professional Association (CIBPA Montreal) promotes recreational, cultural, social, artistic, charitable, business and professional activities of Italian Canadians in Quebec and also encourages the participation of Italian Canadians in the economic and public affairs of this region and Canada.


The National Congress of Italian-Canadians

  • Promote and safeguard the interest and the reputation of the Italian community in Québec.
  • Inspire a strong cooperation amongst the various associations with a view to coordinate, encourage, and promote social, cultural, professional and recreational initiatives.
  • Take positive action against discrimination aimed at the Italian community.
  • Involvement in establishing educational programs aimed at the promotion and development of the teaching of Italian.
  • Promotion of Italian literary, cultural, sport and professional works.
  • Participate in and encourage the study and research of economic and social problems regarding Italian-Canadians.
  • Maintain a close liaison with other Italian communities in Canada and abroad.
  • Favor relations with other ethnic groups
  • Promote and disseminate information related to Italian traditions, customs etc.



Situated in the heart of St. Leonard's administrative campus, the Leonardo da Vinci Centre is sustained by the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation of Quebec.

Through its cultural, artistic, sporting and social activities, the LDV Centre seeks to enhance the unity of Montreal's Italian community, nourish exchanges among people of all ages and strengthen bonds between cultural communities.


Casa d'Italia
Our mission is to sustain our heritage by actively collecting documents and oral history that is catalogued and contained in the archives. This body of work is the community archive that represents our collective memory.


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